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Icicle Fund - Methow Arts

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This committee is currently meeting on an as-needed basis.



MVSD Arts Advisory Committee Charter

To teach the fundamental principles of art within the inquiry-based units of study taught in grades K – 3.

Committee Type:
Advisory – Committee members will solicit input from a variety of stakeholders to create recommendations focused on strengthening the partnership between the schools and our parents and community members. Recommendations will be submitted to the superintendent.

Basis for Establishment:
Basis for Establishment: Methow Arts Alliance (Methow Arts) has received a generous three-year grant, supporting a partnership between the Methow Valley School District and Methow Arts. Using the grant funding, the MVSD and Methow Arts will work with classroom teachers in grades K-3 to develop learners who understand the critical concepts commonly associated with the International Baccalaureate “Design Cycle” through the integration of the arts in grades K-3.

Budget Implications:
The committee has been directed to work within the parameters of the grant.

We Believe:

  • Family and community involvement plays a critical role in a student’s academic and social/emotional development.
  • Learning begins at an early age and continues throughout one’s life.
  • Students learn best using a balanced approach to teaching and learning.
  • Every student is exceptional and capable of fulfilling their full potential.
  • In the development of the whole child.
  • Diversity makes our community stronger.
  • We can’t do it alone. We can do it together!

Committee Member Responsibilities:

  • Recommend the implementation of a coherent K-3 Arts Integration program to the superintendent.
  • Use state standards and IB PYP suggested scope and sequence to guide the planning of an Arts integration program.
  • Research, plan for, staff, and monitor implementation of the K-3 Arts Integration program.
  • Serve as a key communicator and liaison to stakeholder groups.
  • Be an active participant and learner, committed to attending all meetings for the current school year.
  • Actively solicit and provide input from stakeholders to guide committee’s work.
  • Participate in cycle of research, analysis, recommendation and ongoing implementation of the program of study.

Ad hoc sub-committees may meet more frequently as needed.

Meeting Calendar

This committee is currently meeting on an as-needed basis.

Plan of Work and Decision-Making Process:

  • Committee members examine research, theory, best practices, IB and state standards documents, and feedback from stakeholders in support of recommendations regarding the design and implementation of the program of study.
  • Committee members discuss and recommend professional development, instructional strategies, assessments, resources, and parent and community engagement opportunities aligned to the program of study.
  • Committee members monitor and make recommendations regarding adjustments in support of continuous improvement related to program of study to the superintendent.

Committee Members:

We are looking for:

  • 1 Certificated Staff Member in grades K-3
  • 1 Certificated Staff Member in grades 4-6
  • 1 Certificated Staff Member in grades 7-12
  • Up to 2 Parent and/or Community Members


  • Anne Andersen, MVSD Director of Teaching and Learning
  • Ashley Lodato, Methow Arts Representative

Ex-officio members:

  • MVSD Board of Directors
  • Tom Venable, Superintendent
  • Amanda Jackson Mott, Methow Arts Executive Director

If you have any questions about the work of the committee, process, or timelines, please contact Anne Andersen, MVSD Director of Teaching and Learning.

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