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Project Safe & Secure • MVSD Emergency Response Plan

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Project Safe and Secure – Emergency Response Planning Committee Charter

The purpose of this group is to:
To update the district’s comprehensive, district-wide Emergency Response Plan (ERP) under the guidance of the NCESD Crisis Management Co-Op and in collaboration with law enforcement, fire, and first-responders to ensure the successful implementation of the district’s EMR in support of the safety of our students, staff, parents, and community members.

Committee Type:
Standing: A permanent committee that meets regularly.

Basis for Establishment:
Lessons learned from recent and past events in schools across our nation highlight the importance of schools, working in partnership with local law enforcement, fire and first-responder agencies to be prepared to respond to a broad range of incidents that may pose a threat to the safety and well-being of our students, staff, parents, and community members.

Program Goals:

  • Promote open lines of pro-active communication regarding safety concerns using Safe Alert – Safe Alert is a software tool that allows anyone (students, staff, parents, community members) to anonymously report information of concern, alerting staff and, if appropriate, law enforcement to potential issues and threats to the safety of themselves and/or others.
  • Develop and coordinate the regular review our protocols, periodically updates the plan as needed, and facilitates staff, student, and parent training sessions.
  • Initiate the implementation of an electronic mapping and communication system (Rapid Responder) that will electronically link our schools with law enforcement and first responders.
  • Design and implement an annual practice schedule and scenarios for all staff.
  • Facilitate a debriefing process following each event (practice/real) to ensure our plan and practices remain current.
  • Facilitate parent-training sessions and provide parents with electronic access to the MVSD ERP to ensure parents understand their role and responsibilities.
  • Recommend related facilities improvements (phone systems, card-lock security systems, bus emergency kits, etc.…) to support the successful implementation of the emergency response plan.
  • Engage in other activities as recommended by the NCESD Crisis Co-Op and/or law enforcement, fire, and first responder agencies that improve our ability to maintain a safe and secure campus.

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Regular meeting attendance.
  • Engage in collaborative problem solving.
  • Achieve the goals established by the committee.
  • Provide the Methow Valley School District Superintendent with a final recommendation for approval of the plan and resources needed for successful implementation.
  • Provide the Methow Valley School Board with an annual update regarding the implementation of the plan and significant changes to the plan.
  • Monitor the implementation of the plan and make suggested revisions to the plan as necessary to ensure the safety of our students, staff, parents, and community.

Meeting Calendar

Time & Location: No meetings scheduled at this time.


Committee Members:
The Emergency Response Planning Committee will consist of the following members:

  • Bud Hover, Director of Operations and Capital Projects and Facilities, Committee Chair
  • Deborah DeKalb, Liberty Bell Jr/Sr High School Principal
  • Bob Winters, Methow Valley Elementary School Principal, Co-Chair
  • Certified Liberty Bell Staff Member
  • Certificated Methow Valley Elementary Staff Member
  • Certificated Independent Learning Center Staff Member
  • Classified Liberty Bell Staff Member
  • Classified Methow Valley Elementary Staff Member
  • Okanogan County District 6 Fire Representative
  • Okanogan County Sheriff’s Representative
  • Twisp Police Representative
  • Winthrop Marshall Representative
  • Okanogan County Emergency Management Representative
  • Aero Methow Representative
  • Methow Valley Elementary Parent Representative
  • Liberty Bell Parent Representative
  • Independent Learning Center Parent Representative
  • Community Representative
  • MVSD Student Representative
  • MVSD Student Representative

Ex-officio members include:

  • Tom Venable, Superintendent
  • School Board Member – Frank Kline

Please contact Director of Operations and Capital Projects, Bud Hover via email or call (509) 997-2113.

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