Technology Committee

Technology Committee

Technology Committee Charter

We Believe:

  • Integration of technology tools and skills are a part of learning not an add on
  • Family and community involvement plays a critical role in a student’s academic and social/emotional development
  • Learning begins at an early age and continues throughout one’s life
  • Students learn best using a balanced approach to teaching and learning
  • Every student is exceptional and capable of fulfilling their full potential
  • In the development of the whole child
  • Diversity makes our community stronger
  • We can’t do it alone. We can do it together!


  • Investigate new technologies that foster 21st Century skills in students, teachers and administrators;
  • Assess the needs of the district to identify specific goals/targets for technology upgrade, acquisition, integration and support;
  • Review the current District Technology Plan to identify and prioritize issues related to target areas;
  • Draft recommendations in support of how to allocate technology levy funds associated with infrastructure, integration, innovation, and professional development; and
  • Develop the 2017-2020 District Technology Plan defining our future vision of technology integration and usage.

Basis for Establishment:

Voters have approved a replacement capital projects technology levy on a four year time frame, which provides funding for technology infrastructure improvements, staffing, professional development, and innovative learning. The tech committee is making a recommendation for how the details of the plan are carried out over the next four years.

Responsibilities of Committee Members:

  • Serve as a key communicator and liaison to stakeholder groups.
  • Be an active participant and learner, committed to attending all meetings for the current school year.
  • Actively solicit and provide input from stakeholders to guide committee’s work.
  • Participate in cycle of research, analysis, recommendation and implementation.

Meeting Calendar

Time & Location:Thursday, 7-8 a.m. in the Liberty Bell Library, 18 Twin Lakes Rd

Committee members will meet monthly on November 17, 2016 through May 1, 2017.

November 17
December 1
January 12
February 1
March 9
April 13
May 11

Ad hoc sub­committees may meet more frequently as needed.

Decision­ Making Process:

  • Recommend 2017-2020 District Technology Plan four year time line to the superintendent.
  • Recommend job descriptions for tech support/ maintenance and coaching to superintendent.
  • Research and monitor implementation of the technology plan.

Plan of Work:

  • November /December 2016: Establish membership through a call for applications process.
  • Nov 2016 – May 2017: Committee meets monthly or as needed.
  • Following each meeting, minutes and committee materials will be published on the district website.
  • Between meetings, members will communicate with and gather input from stakeholders to inform the process.
  • Annually the committee will review, monitor and revise the technology plan status and report to the superintendent.

Planning Committee Members:
We are looking for:

  • 2 staff members in the grades K-6
  • 2 staff members in the grades 7-­12
  • 2 classified staff members K-12
  • 1­2 students in grades 7­-12
  • 2 parent/community members

Director of Teaching and Learning
Technology Operations Manager

Ex­ Officio:
Board of Directors

Budget Implications:
Conference registrations and expenses, webinars, coverage for subs, teacher stipends, materials, etc.

Please contact Drew Simmons at (509) 996-9205

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