2409 Credit for Competency/Proficiency

(This policy is designed for competency/proficiency credit in world languages; however, a district can expand the policy to multiple subjects.)

World Languages

The board recognizes the value of preparing students to be global citizens with the skills to communicate in English and other world languages. In our state’s diverse communities, it is not unusual for students to have various opportunities to develop language skills, for example, through experiences of using the language at home, attendance at language programs offered in the community, learning online or time spent living abroad. The district encourages students and their families to take advantage of any language learning opportunities available to them.

To enable students to fully benefit from the advantages of multilingualism, the district will encourage students to learn to understand, speak, read and write at a high level of language proficiency. Proficiency can also be demonstrated in languages that are only spoken or signed.

In order to recognize the language proficiency of students, the superintendent is directed to develop procedures for awarding world language credits to students based on demonstrated proficiency across a range of language skills.


Legal References:

RCW   28A.230.090(4)(5)            High school graduation requirements or equivalencies

WAC   180-51-050                        High school credit – Definition



Adoption Date: 3.11

Methow Valley School District

Classification: Priority                                                                                  WSSDA 8.10