2421 Promotion and Retention

The board recognizes that the rate of physical, social, emotional and academic growth will vary among individual students.

After a student has successfully completed a year of study at a specific grade level, he/she will be promoted to the next grade. Retention at the same grade may be considered when the student is not demonstrating minimum competency in basic grade level skills.

First graders new to the district will be required to take a readiness evaluation for placement.

The superintendent shall establish procedures to ensure that parents will be informed at least one (1) quarter in advance of any promotion/retention decision on the part of the school.

In cases where a parent would like his or her child to be retained or promoted, the parent will submit the request to the principal.  The principal will consult with the teacher, counselor and other school staff, as appropriate, to make a determination.  Parents may appeal the principal’s decision to the superintendent.  The superintendent’s decision is final.


Cross References:

Board Policy  2090             Program Evaluation


Adoption Date: 4.12

Methow Valley School District 

WSSDA 10.07