3142 International Student Exchange

The board recognizes the value of cultural and academic exchanges. Such experiences provide international exchange students with a balanced understanding of our country and provide U.S. students with a broad world perspective.

Students visiting our state for a short stay (B-2 visa), such as a vacation or visit with friends or family, may not enroll in school in the district. However, with prior written permission from the school, these students may visit classrooms and attend school-sponsored events.

International exchange students who come to the U.S. for a long-term visit (J-1 or F-1 visas) with the intention of attending school may register to attend school in the district through a recognized international exchange program or through the sponsorship of a school.

The district will admit such international exchange students when admission does not adversely impact the instructional program of the district.

The superintendent is directed to develop procedures including but not limited to the number of international exchange students the district will admit, selection of international exchange organizations, timing of placement process, district expectations of international exchange organizations, school expectations for international exchange students, school responsibilities and provisions for international exchange students with F-1 visas.

Legal References: Chapter 19.166 RCW International Student Exchange
RCW 28A.300.240 International Student Exchange
Management Resources: 2009 – June Issue

Adoption Date: 12.11
Classification: Discretionary
WSSDA Revision 12.11