3200 Rights and Responsibilities

Each year, the superintendent will develop and make available to all students, their parents and staff handbooks pertaining to student rights, conduct, corrective actions and discipline. Such statements will be developed with the participation of parents and the community. The school principal and staff will confer at least annually to develop and/or review student conduct standards and the uniform enforcement of those standards as related to the established student handbooks. They will also confer annually to establish criteria for determining when certificated employees must complete classes to improve classroom management skills.

All students who attend the district’s schools will comply with the written policies, rules and regulations of the schools, will pursue the required course of studies, and will submit to the authority of staff of the schools, subject to such corrective action or discipline as the school officials will determine.


Legal References: RCW 28A.150.240 Certificated teaching and administrative staff as accountable for classroom teaching — Scope — Responsibilities — Penalty
28A.400.110 Principal to assure appropriate student discipline — building discipline standards — classes to improve classroom management skills
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28A.600.010 Enforcement of rules of conduct — Due process guarantees — Computation of days for short-term and long-term suspensions
28A.600.020 Exclusion of student from classrooms — Written disciplinary procedures —long term suspension or expulsion
28A.600.040 Pupils to comply with rules and regulations
Chapter 392-168 WAC Special service programs – Citizen complaint procedure for certain categorical federal programs
392-400-215 Student rights
392-400-225 School district rules defining misconduct — Distribution of rules

 Adoption Date: 10.11
Classification: Priority                                                                          WSSDA 10.07