Strategic Areas of Focus

Six Strategic Areas of Focus

Early Childhood Education

We invest in early childhood education given its long-term academic, social-emotional, and economic benefits to our students and our community. learn more

Attributes and Attitudes

We promote the positive attributes, attitudes, and skills associated with responsible citizens who are inspired to contribute to their communities, locally and globally. learn more

Innovation and Flexibility

We promote the development of innovative and personalized programs of study designed to meet the individual needs of every learner. learn more

Equity and Excellence for All

We believe every student can achieve at high levels and benefits from access to a free and appropriate public education. learn more

A System of Exceptional Teaching and Learning

We ensure high quality teaching and learning in every classroom, resulting in the development of future-ready learners inspired to contribute to a better world. learn more

Family and Community Engagement

When families and community participate in the education of our youth, students achieve at higher levels. We promote continuous, two-way communication and active engagement in the learning process through a strong partnership between the home, school, and community. learn more

Every Student Shines!