MVSD Air Quality Protocols & FAQs

The MVSD is committed to protecting the health and well being of all students and staff. Much in the same way we monitor weather to determine that travel to and from school is safe, we routinely monitor air quality in order to ensure that all staff and students have access to a healthy environment.

As a district that is regularly faced with air quality challenges due to the presence of wildfire smoke as well as periodic inversions, we have partnered with Clean Air Methow in order to develop and refine procedures for determining when and how it is safe for students to spend time outdoors.

The MVSD Air Quality and Student Health plays out these procedures and offers insight into how and why they were adopted, as well as providing information regarding steps taken by MVSD to improve indoor air quality during periods when wildfire smoke is an issue. We hope this document, along with the FAQ provided below, helps to address many of the questions and concerns of our parents, students and community members.

While periods of poor air quality seem likely to be a persistent feature of life in this beautiful place, the MVSD has benefited greatly from the support and guidance of Clean Air Methow in developing protocols that will protect the health and well being of our students and staff.

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