Where Do I Go to Complete the Methow Valley School District Employment Application?

Visit the MVSD Employment page to view open positions and application instructions.

How Do I Retrieve my Password?

To retrieve your password, go to the login screen and enter your username. Click on [forgot your username or password?] Enter the email address you supplied when you created your account. You will receive an automatically generated email message with your password included. You have to login to your regular email to find out your password.

When I click on the "View Our Open Positions and Apply" Button, Nothing Happens. Why?

Some computers are set to not allow pop-ups. If you are not seeing anything, you can either click at the top of your screen where it says “allow pop-ups from this site” or you can change your security settings to allow pop-ups.

I Clicked to View a Job Posting and Nothing Happened. What Can I Do to View it?

There are a couple of possible reasons that you could not view the job announcement. The first is your computer might not allow pop ups. Please see the question above on how to allow pop-ups. The other reason you may not be able to view the job posting is that your screen is too small. To view the whole screen, make sure that your window is completely maximized. You can use the scroll panels on the ride hand side and the bottom of the screen to move the page up/down and right/left. You should see 4 buttons on the right hand side once your screen is maximized. Highlight one of the positions and click on the button that says [view details of highlighted position]. This will bring up the full job posting.

How Do I Print the Job Posting?

When you are to the screen where you can view the job announcement, press “Ctrl + P.” This will bring you to the printing preferences screen. Once there, you will want to shrink the document to fit the page or change the page setup to landscape. If you do not change the layout/size, it will cut some of the announcement off.

Can I Print the Job Announcement once the Position has Closed?

No. If you want to print the posting, be sure to do so while the position is open. This could come in handy if you are selected for an interview.

I Applied for a Position Before and Want to Apply for another Position now. Is my Information Saved?

When you apply for positions using our online application system most, but not all, of the information entered is stored for access when applying for other jobs in the future. What the system does store is your personal information, educational background, work experience, and certification information. What it does not store is the answers to the questions asked in the posting and any attachments you submitted.

Can I Apply for Several Jobs Simultaneously to Save Time?

You may apply for more than one position at a time. After you have viewed the details for each position, put a checkmark in the box to select each position you are interested in applying for and then click on [Apply for Selected Position(s)]. As you complete each section the online application system will apply the pertinent information entered to each position you have selected. After completing the information requested (the system will default to the first position you selected) click on [View Profile]. Each position you selected to apply for will display along with a list of items you will need to complete for each position.

Quick Tip: To save your answers to the general questions, create a Word document and answer the General Questions there. This allows you to run spell check before submission and save your answers for future applications. When you need to use your answers again, just copy and paste them from your Word document to the corresponding question fields.

What Happens if I Submit my Application before I am Finished?

You may edit your application or attach additional documents up until the closing date and time. Even if you completely submitted your application, you may still make changes to it. All you do is go through the application, make the changes, and click the “submit application” button again. This will update your application in our system.

How do I Know Human Resources Received my Application?

An automatic email will be sent thanking you for your application. You may edit/change your application up until the closing date. Once the closing date/time has passed, you may not change your application and we do not accept additional paperwork (resumes, reference letters, transcripts, etc).

How do I Attach a Resume, Letter of Recommendation, or Other Relevant Documentation to my Application?

Towards the end of the online application there is a screen that allows you to attach documents. Attaching additional documents is not required for most positions, but could increase your chances of receiving an interview. You must have your files in electronic form in order to attach them to your application. To attach a document to your application, click on “browse” and locate the exact filename that you saved the document under. It takes a few seconds to retrieve and upload the document. If it takes longer than 1 minute, it means that your document is too large. If it is too large, you may want to go into your document and shrink it down or try attaching as a word document,

What if I Have a Reference Letter that is not in Electronic Form?

You need to use a scanner to scan the document into a Word file and upload it to your application. If you do not own a scanner, it is your responsibility to locate one and scan the documents into your application file. (Many smart phones have scanning applications available for scanning documents.)

How do I know the Status of a Position I Applied for Once the Job has Closed?

Typically allow at least 1-2 weeks after the closing date for application screening. Once the screening committee is finished they will call the candidates in for an interview. If you are not selected for a position, we will send you an email letting you know the status.

Why did I Receive and Email Stating that my Application was Incomplete?

When you receive the email stating that your application was incomplete, it means that the application we received was unfinished or not submitted to Human Resources. The most important part of the application is clicking on the “submit application” button at the end of the application. If you do not get to that portion of the application or you did not finish before the closing date/time, then we did not receive and accept your application. To avoid this in the future, please make sure you answer each question listed and press the “submit application” button at the end of the online application. Even though you clicked on “submit application,” you may still go into your application and make changes up until the closing date and time.

If You Still have Questions

Please contact Jessica McCarthy at (509) 996-9205 or email: jmccarthy@methow.org