Emily Nilson, R.E.A.C.H. Coordinator
R.E.A.C.H. Information


The Methow Valley School District values and respects individual choice and strong family-directed involvement in a child’s development. The K-12 REACH program is an Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) provided by the district. The intent of ALE programs such as REACH is to ensure that students have educational opportunities designed to meet their individualized needs implemented under WAC 392-121-18
We see benefits in combining the inherent strengths of an ALE program and the resources of the district and community in a supportive environment that respects the principles and beliefs of participating families.

Families should be aware that the REACH program is publicly funded basic education and therefore is subject to all the requirements of basic education. The difference between the REACH program and Home Based Instruction (homeschooling) is that the REACH program is public education. This means the program must meet district, state and federal expectations and all instruction must be supervised, monitored, assessed, evaluated and documented by a certificated teacher employed by the school district. In Home Based Instruction (homeschooling), the family is entirely responsible for providing the curriculum and instruction.
Grade Levels Served:
The REACH program serves grades K-12 and is guided by ALE (Alternative Learning Experience) regulations. In this program, parents have the responsibility of directly providing instruction to their child under the professional guidance and supervision of a certificated teacher. In consultation with the family, the REACH teacher creates an individualized written student learning plan in accordance with district, state and federal standards and with the needs and interests of the student in mind. The student learning plan is used to guide student learning, growth, engagement, and assessment for the year.

The district’s Instructional Materials and Resource Committee is responsible for the selection and adoption of approved curriculum and instructional materials provided by the REACH program for student use. This selection procedure is to ensure that  these materials are aligned with district and state standards and are free from religious content and racial, gender, ethnic or other bias.
Teaching and Learning:
REACH participants meet weekly at the REACH classroom, located at Methow Valley Elementary. Class time includes art instruction, library and writing skills. It is also a time for formative assessment and evaluation of learning goals. There are weekly two-way contact requirements for all students involved in the program and monthly progress reviews with the certificated teacher.
Available Resources:
When your child participates in the REACH program, your child is considered a public school student. Therefore, you have access to a wealth of educational resources, such as:

  1. Personal supervision and support from a certified teacher.
  2. Curriculum and instructional materials for ALE courses provided by the district per district policy regarding curriculum adoption and instructional materials.
  3. Access to the REACH Curriculum Resource Room for checkout of materials.
  4. Access to district activities, classes, events, guest speakers and presentations, Methow Arts programs, Young Writers’ Conference, Science Fair, school assemblies, Liberty Bell dances (grades 7-8), and most field trips.
  5. Access to MVSD libraries and computer labs.

Interested in enrolling your child? Need more information? We’d love to hear from you! You can contact the REACH teacher/coordinator at (509) 996-2186.