In order to make participation in athletics and activities truly open and available to all, the MVSD has waived all athletic participation fees and ASB fees as well as admission fees for our home athletic contests.

In addition, Liberty Bell Athletics is proud to support the participation of nearly 85% of students in grades 7-12. Thanks to a coaching staff that values the role of athletics in education, Liberty Bell student-athletes are high achievers in and out of the classrooms.


Athletics are co-curricular in the MVSD and a key part of our commitment to promoting fit, healthy, active youth. Our system of eligibility checks fosters the academic success of our student athletes and is integral to justifying the considerable expenditures associated with Liberty Bell sports.

How it works

On Monday, we run a report that identifies athletes who have a class (or classes) in which they are below a C-. Office staff will print slips for students and distribute them to coaches.

  • Coaches hand out the slips on Monday.
  • Students have a grace period for new eligibility slips that covers Monday and Tuesday. Students who do not have their slips signed will be ineligible for Wednesday contests and all following events until they have presented a signed slip.
  • Students turn in eligibility forms to the office. Once received, LB staff will update the eligibility spreadsheet. Coaches are responsible for confirming (via the spreadsheet or communication with the office) whether or not their athletes are eligible to compete.
  • Teachers can access the eligibility spreadsheet if they have questions about who is eligible or ineligible at any given time.


Q: An athlete says that the teacher is not around to sign the slip–can they become eligible to compete?

A: Yes, in the event that their teacher is out of the building for any extended period, students can submit evidence that they have completed their work to the athletic director, counselor, or other administrator.

Q: What happens if a student presents a forged eligibility slip?

A: If it is determined that an athlete has forged a slip or otherwise competed while not eligible, their participation represents a violation of WIAA rules. We will self-report that violation, forfeit the contest, and the student and program in question will be placed on probation. Additional league or WIAA penalties may apply.

Q: An athlete says that she has submitted work but it hasn’t been graded. Is she eligible to play?

A: Athletes need a signed form in order to be eligible. Students should respectfully advocate for themselves with their teachers and be mindful of the fact that teachers may not prioritize immediately grading work that is submitted late.

Q: What is considered a passing grade for the sake of athletic eligibility?

A: A grade of a C- or better is required for athletic eligibility.

Q: If my athlete is passing all classes with a C- or better but is not at school, is he eligible to play or practice?

A: Athletes are not allowed to practice or play unless they have a valid, school-approved reason for missing school (e.g. doctors appointment, field trip, family emergency). If an athlete has an unexcused absence for any portion of the day, he is ineligible for practice and competition. Playing an athlete under those circumstances is a violation of MVSD and WIAA rules and can result in forfeiture and probation for the athlete and program. Additional league or WIAA penalties may apply.

Q: What if an athlete loses their form?

A: The athlete should stop by the office and talk to Melissa Quigley to get another form.

Q: Can an athlete who is academically ineligible to compete attend practices?

A: Athletes are expected to continue to attend practice while working to bring their grades up to standard.

Q: Can an athlete who is not academically eligible travel with a team (with the understanding that this athlete is not eligible to suit up or play)?

A: Given the impact of travel on time in the classroom and time available to complete missing work, athletes who are academically ineligible may not travel with their team.