School Board

The Methow Valley School Board consists of five members, elected by the public, who serve as the governing body of the district. The board sets policies that determine how schools operate. The board is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the district lives up to its mission statement:

To expect, encourage and facilitate the pursuit of excellence in our students, preparing them for a world in which life-long learning is critical to their success and happiness.

The Methow Valley School Board has received training to learn about high-achieving school boards across the country and strives to implement practices that support increased student achievement Research shows — and the MVSD board believes — that:

  • All students can learn and that schools can teach all students.
  • Effective boards must be knowledgeable about teaching and learning issues, including school improvement goals, curriculum and instruction, assessment and staff development Board members must be able to clearly describe school improvement efforts and identify the board’s role in supporting those efforts.
  • Districts must use data and other information on student needs to make decisions Boards must monitor progress on improvement efforts and modify directions as needed.
  • Creating a supportive workplace for staff is vital Districts must offer regular staff development to support teacher learning.
  • The most effective districts have a strong partnership among the schools, the community, and the home The board serves as a liaison for parents and community members, helping to connect stakeholders with schools.
School Board Meetings

Board meetings take place the second and last Thursday of the month throughout the school year, with some months having modified dates.