If you are interested in renting Methow Vally School District facilities, please download and print our Facility Use Application below. Questions? Contact the district office at (509) 996-9205.

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2015 Facilities Advisory Committee


  • Develop clear criteria to be used in support of prioritizing and scheduling the many improvements to our aging facilities, technologies, and bus and fleet as identified in the “Facilities Improvement Plan/Fund-it-Now List” (developed and recommended by the Facilities Task Force and approved by voters in a special election in the spring of 2015).
  • Using the agreed upon criteria, coupled with feedback solicited from multiple stakeholders, the Facilities Advisory Committee, serving under the direction of the Director of Operations and Capital Projects, will recommend a schedule of facilities improvements, bus replacement schedule, and timeline for their successful completion to the superintendent.
  • The Facilities Advisory Committee will support the development of a communication plan that provides interested stakeholders with timely information about completion of each project.
  • Under the direction of the Director of Operations and Capital Projects, members of the Facilities Advisory Committee will monitor the successful completion of the projects over time.

Basis for Establishment:
In response to our aging facilities and bus fleet, the citizens residing within the Methow Valley School District attendance area recently (Spring, 2015) supported the successful passage of two levies – A Six-Year, 4.5 Million Dollar Capital Projects Levy and an 800 Thousand Dollar, Transportation Vehicle Fund Levy. The funding associated with each of these levies will be received by the school district in the spring and fall of each year, beginning in the spring of 2016.

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2014 Facilities Planning Task Force


Task Force Meeting Minutes

May 12, 2014 [pdf]

May 5, 2014 [pdf]

April 17, 2014 [pdf]

Task Force Recommendations

Facilities Task Force recommendations were approved by voters in a special election in the spring of 2015.
View/Download Facilities Improvement Plan/Fund-it-Now List [pdf]

Previous Facility Improvements

Maintaining facilities is important to MVSD. With community support, the district has been able to make necessary improvements including:

• HVAC upgrade at Methow Valley Elementary (2012)

• Dry fire upgrade at LBHS (2012)

• A new roof at Liberty Bell (2009)

• Repaired roof at MVE (2009)

• New bleachers in MVE gym (2010)

• New outside bleachers at LB football and softball fields (2010)

• Sidewalk improvements at MVE (2010)

• Wireless campus for WiFi (2010)

• Playground upgrades at MVE (through support from Kiwanis, 2011 & 2012)

• Heating and window upgrades at Independent Learning Center (2011 & 2012)