R.E.A.C.H. (Responsive Educational Alternative for Children at Home)

K-8 Parent Partnership Home School Program

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The Methow Valley School District values and respects individual choice and strong family-directed involvement in a child’s development. REACH is a cooperative educational partnership between the district and local families who choose to educate their children at home, either full or part-time. REACH views its role as a resource with parents to help support their teaching.

We see benefits in combining the inherent strengths of homeschooling and the resources of the district and community in a supportive environment that respects the principles and beliefs of participating families. We offer opportunities for connections within a local community of family-centered learners, provide resources that reflect the needs and desires of the families enrolled, and support a wide variety of academic, artistic, social, and physical goals.

Grade Levels Served:
The REACH program serves grades K-8. This program is guided by the ALE (Alternative Learning Experience) regulations. In this program, parents have the responsibility of directly providing instruction to their child with, if needed, professional guidance from a credentialed teacher/consultant. The REACH teacher and parent work together to create an individualized written learning plan in accordance with state standards and with the needs and interests of the student in mind. This student learning plan is used to guide student learning, growth, engagement, and assessment for the year.

Teaching and Learning:
Enrichment activities for REACH participants occur every Thursday morning from 8:30-1:30 at the REACH classroom, located at Methow Valley Elementary. This class time includes literacy, art, math, science, outdoor education, field trips, community guest speakers, and/or Classroom In Bloom. Currently, we are focusing on an integrated Art/Literacy/Science study about bees! It is a great chance for the homeschooling children to come together as a community of learners, share the great projects they are doing at home, and participate in engaging learning activities, differentiated across the grade levels.

Available Resources:
When you home-school through the district with REACH, your child is considered a public school student. Therefore, you have access to a wealth of educational resources, such as:

  1. Personal support from a certified teacher
  2. Curriculum for your home-school year funded by the district
  3. Access to the REACH Curriculum Resource Room
  4. Access to district activities, classes, events, guest speakers and presentations, Methow Arts programs, Young Writer’s Conference, Science Fair, school assemblies, Liberty Bell dances (grades 7-8), and most field trips.
  5. Access to MVSD libraries and computer labs.

Interested in enrolling your child? Need more information? We’d love to hear from you! You can contact the REACH teacher/coordinator at:

Phone: (509) 996-2186, ext. 232
Email: Tirzah Quigley


End of 1st Semester - Thursday, January 24, 2019: All MVSD Schools Operating on Early Release Schedule. Professional Development Day - Friday, January 25, 2019: All MVSD Schools and the District Office will be Closed to the Public