NOTE: This page is currently under revision.

Teaching staff and administration at Liberty Bell implemented new grading practices in 2010. Since that time, we have been fine-tuning how we measure student learning in our classes. The goal is to use grades as an important feedback mechanism to help students learn more.

We now use the standards-based reporting system on Skyward. This system documents specific learning targets (standards) within a class and the progress students are making toward that target. In the coming year, we will require students to meet all standards in each class to earn a passing grade.

When you look at your students’ Skyward grade book, you will see two categories – formative and summative. Homework and classroom practice will comprise formative work. Unit tests, projects, essays, and other final work will be scored and posted as summative work. Within the summative category, you will see up to eight standards per class.

Grades are recorded on a scale of 1 (basic) to 4 (mastery). For each standard, students must meet a minimum level of 2. During the course of a semester, if a student doesn’t meet any one of these standards in a class, the grade will show an incomplete (I). Students will always be given opportunities to redo and relearn information and skills to meet that standard. They will not pass the class until each standard is met at a minimal level.

As always, progress will be communicated through on-line access to progress reports and regular mail, phone calls, feedback on assignments, student-led conferences, and semester report cards.

Our staff spent a lot of time discussing this issue, and we believe this new system will ensure higher levels of learning and clearer communication for students and families. Feel free to call me if you have questions about this adjustment in our grading system. We look forward to our students’ continued success!


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